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Hello, everyone. My name is Jason. Thanks to God for giving me the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ through the American-Chinese Fellowship (ACF) ministry. I became a believer and was baptized Easter, 2002, and have been involved with ACF since that time. ACF is part of my spiritual family and has greatly helped me in my spiritual growth, and in serving the LORD.


For every Christian, the process of sanctification begins after salvation. The great thing is that God is always with us in this long journey. God lets us experience Him so that our spiritual life will grow, and eventually we will look more like our LORD, Jesus Christ.


ACF is a dynamic ministry serving many short-term visitors who come to Houston. I remember one Friday night there were 24 visitors to ACF. These visitors were so eager to hear the Gospel, and some put their faith in Jesus Christ, accepting Him as their personal savior – the first time they came to the ACF meeting. It was such an encouragement! I am grateful to God that he let me experience His miraculous saving power.


ACF is also a spiritual family for brothers and sisters: in Jesus Christ we are one family! God’s love is revealed among us and we share God’s love with each other as we serve the LORD together.


I once taught a Friday bible study with brother Wai Kin for the Chinese seniors. Some seniors in the class are believers and during the class some gave great testimony about how God miraculously healed their sickness and resorted their health. Others gave living testimony about their sacrificial love toward their kids by taking care of the grandchildren. Through these testimonies I experienced that God is a living God and his almighty power is still among us today.


Thanks to God for letting me be part of the ACF ministry. May the LORD continue to bless and lead ACF in serving Him for His glory and for His kingdom.