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An Lu

Fourteen years ago I moved from Germany to Houston with my husband.


Not long after we settled down, my neighbor invited me to American-Chinese Fellowship, where I met many kind and friendly American and Chinese friends.


I received a lot of help from them, but the most important thing was that I got to know the only true God - the Creator of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ. I accepted Him as my personal Savior, which changed my life completely.


I started to have self-confidence and no longer had self-contempt.  I now have compassion for other people instead of being selfish, and I am willing to help others, instead of being unsociable.


I love to invite other people to American-Chinese Fellowship’s events. Many of them have received abundant blessings from God through ACF ministries. I pray that you, too, would like to come to American Chinese Fellowship and explore the truth of life and know this Only and True God.