American -Chinese                                                                  Fellowship   美中团契



We do this to share the love with people around us, which is the command we received from Him. The core value we believe is outlined in the Word: which is uniquely inspired, without error, and the final authority on all matters on which it bears. 


We believe that we are created to have fellowship with our Creator and each other.  As a result, we need grace and understanding to have fellowship with Him and each other. 


We believe the Spirit draws men and women to Himself and and equips us for personal growth and service. Our role is to glorify Him as we serve those in need. At the end, we believe those who receive Him will enjoy eternal fellowship with God.



Walking into a new place can be intimidating and at times terrifying depending on your previous experience. If you are considering attending one of our Friday night gatherings, we hope that you would take the next step and come check it out! We can’t fully describe what you will experience, but at least we can try to give you an idea of what to expect.

On a Friday night you might see some people in a suit and tie coming directly from the office, others in a golf shirt and blue jeans, and a lot of in between.  We want you to come as you are.  Our gatherings usually last around 2-1/2 hours including a meal together, introductions, group singing, cultural presentations, special musical presentations, an ESL lesson, a guest speaker, and table discussion.  We also periodically have fun events like square dancing, group painting, and games.

Our hope for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed and loved.  If you leave our program with those thoughts, we view that as a huge success.